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SuperSet ELISA Kits

SuperSet ELISA Kits!

1250+ SuperSet ELISA Kits!

SuperSet ELISA Kits

SuperSet ELISA kits are development ELISA Kits that contain all the components to create a sandwich ELISA kit and measure analytes in fluid samples. Each kit is tested and validated and comes with key data.


Standard Curve



CV %

SuperSet ELISA Kit Simple & Fast Protocol

SuperSet ELISA Kits come with all the components you need to develop your own ELISA Kits!

Kit Components


Capture Antibody

Detection Antibody

Streptavidin HRP


Coating Buffer

Wash Buffer



SuperSet ELISA Kit Key Features:

> Easy-To-Use protocol
> 20 plates per kit!
> Buffers included as standard with all kits
> Key Targets: Immunology and signaling research

Key SuperSet ELISA Targets