KLF10/11 Transcription Factor Activity Assay

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KLF10/11 Transcription Factor activity assay

Product Description:The ELISA Genie KLF10/11 transcription factor activity assay allows for the detection and qualitative analysis of endogenous levels of activated transcription factors in a variety of nuclear and cell lysates ELISA Genie ELISA kits are designed to significantly reduce experiment Time: and ensure sensitivity and flexibility for high-throughput screening.
Target Synonyms:EGR-alpha;Transforming growth factor-beta-inducible early growth response protein 1 Short name: TGFB-inducible early growth response protein 1 Short name: TIEG-1
Detection Target:Phospho-IRAK1(Thr209)
Reactivity:Human, Mouse, Rat
Pack Size:12 x 8-Well Microstrips
Detection Method:Colorimetric 450 nm
Format:transcription factor activity assay
Storage and Stability Guarantee:4°C/6 Months
Sample Type:Nuclear or cell lysates
Range:See Technical Manual
Time:4.5 hours

KLF10/11 Transcription Factor activity assay Protein Information

UniProt Protein Function:KLF10: Transcriptional repressor involved in the regulation of cell growth. Inhibits cell growth. Binds to the consensus sequence 5'-GGTGTG-3'. Belongs to the Sp1 C2H2-type zinc-finger protein family. 2 isoforms of the human protein are produced by alternative splicing.
UniProt Protein Details:

Protein type:Transcription factor; C2H2-type zinc finger protein; DNA-binding

Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 8q22.2

Cellular Component: nucleus

Molecular Function:protein binding; metal ion binding; transcription factor activity

Biological Process: circadian rhythm; transcription, DNA-dependent; positive regulation of osteoclast differentiation; somatic stem cell maintenance; negative regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter; cellular response to starvation; regulation of circadian rhythm; bone mineralization; cell proliferation; negative regulation of cell proliferation; cell-cell signaling; transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway; negative regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent; skeletal development

NCBI Summary:This gene encodes a member of a family of proteins that feature C2H2-type zinc finger domains. The encoded protein is a transcriptional repressor that acts as an effector of transforming growth factor beta signaling. Activity of this protein may inhibit the growth of cancers, particularly pancreatic cancer. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Jun 2013]
UniProt Code:Q13118
NCBI GenInfo Identifier:11387050
NCBI Gene ID:7071
NCBI Accession:Q13118.1
UniProt Secondary Accession:Q13118,O75411, Q503B2, A8MVH0, B2R794, L0R4P6, L0R679
UniProt Related Accession:Q13118
Molecular Weight:480
NCBI Full Name:Krueppel-like factor 10
NCBI Synonym Full Names:Kruppel-like factor 10
NCBI Official Symbol:KLF10
NCBI Official Synonym Symbols:EGRA; TIEG; TIEG1; EGR-alpha
NCBI Protein Information:Krueppel-like factor 10; early growth response-alpha; zinc finger transcription factor TIEG; TGFB-inducible early growth response protein 1; transforming growth factor-beta-inducible early growth response protein 1
UniProt Protein Name:Krueppel-like factor 10
UniProt Synonym Protein Names:EGR-alpha; Transforming growth factor-beta-inducible early growth response protein 1; TGFB-inducible early growth response protein 1; TIEG-1
Protein Family:Krueppel-like factor
UniProt Gene Name:KLF10
UniProt Entry Name:KLF10_HUMAN
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