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Cancer Research Club

At Reagent Genie we run a range of events dedicated to making science richer! Imagine if you attended 100 scientific talks a year? Imagine if these scientific talks we by some of the greatest researchers in Europe, discussing their latest research and thoughts. How much better of scientist would you be? 

Where did we come up with the idea?

In 2016 we came up with the idea of Cancer Research Club. After reading our favourite paper by Doug Green (find it here), where he talks about getting a dream scientific job "Read one hundred papers". Our goal was to provide a platform for scientists throughout Ireland and to UK meet, discuss and break down cross-city and national barriers to increase interactions within the scientific community. With the core idea of "100 talks a year can make scientists better researchers".

Since our launch in 2017, we've set up our Cancer Research Club in London & Dublin. We've had speakers from Holland, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Scotland discussing their key findings with local researchers, and hopefully setting up collaborations.

What is the registration fee?

Cancer Research Club is free to attend, we just want people to enjoy the science. You just need to register on the event page.

Where and when is the next Cancer Research Club?

University College Dublin - Hypoxic Environments in Cancer - UCD - Tuesday 22/01/19 

We like social!

At our Cancer Resarch Clubs and events we attend we like to take some photos, send some tweets and shoot some videos. If you are attending please use the hashtag #CancerResearchClub on twitter and instagram so we can make the event more social.

Previous Events:

Dublin - Engineering Cancer Therapies - October 23rd - TCD