ELISA Genie distribute kits world wide

ELISA Genie is committed to serving researchers with ELISAs, Antibodies and Assays on global scale. You can find a list of our distributing partners below. If you are outside our list of distributors please contact us directly through our contact page.

Contact our list of distributors below for sales in your country





  Austria Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.at
Belgium Westburg BV https://www.westburg.eu/
  Boznia & Herzegovina Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
  Bulgaria Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
  Croatia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
  Czech Republic Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
  Estonia Labema Eesti OÜ http://www.labema.ee/
  Germany Biomol GmbH https://www.biomol.com/
  France Ozyme Fr https://ozyme.fr/
  Finland Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
  Hungary Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.hu/home/
  Republic of Ireland Medical Supply Company http://www.Medical-Supply.ie
  Lithuania Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
  Latvia Labema OY https://www.labema.fi/
  Macedonia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.eu/home/
  Netherlands Westburg BV https://www.westburg.eu/
  Poland Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.pl/home/
  Romania Biomedica GmbH http://www.cyber-srl.ro/
  Serbia Biomedica GmbH http://www.bmgrp.rs/home/
  Slovakia Biomedica GmbH http://www.biomedica.sk/home/
  United Kingdom ELISA Genie https://www.ELISAGenie.com
  United States ELISA Genie https://www.ELISAGenie.com