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#LabChats with Laura Menke

#LabChats with Laura Menke

At ELISA Genie we are hugely interested in the future of science and we feel that PhD students are at the heart of this. Our new series, #LabChats, will see us interview different scientists and PhD students to find out about what drew them to science, what motivates them, and what they like to do outside of the lab.

Our first episode saw us sit down with Laura Menke, a PhD fellow in the Blizzard Institute, Queen Mary University London. We loved hearing about what drew her to specialize in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, her experiences moving around Europe and the US, and her thoughts on women in STEM. 

We can see that Laura is an extremely passionate scientist and we know she will make incredible contributions to the field!

Watch our video below:

12th Nov 2018 Kerry Mahony

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