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ELISA Genie - Travel Award Blog Winner

ELISA Genie - Travel Award Blog Winner

After a lot of great reading about cutting edge research and developments in the fields of immunology, cancer research, neuroscience & nanoparticles we have finally picked the winners for our 2019 Travel Award Competition.

First Place - Sean Patmore - RCSI - €500

Sean submitted a fantastic piece on the role that VWF plays in the tumour microenvironment, inflammation and angiogenesis. You can read the post here:

Joint Second Place - Andrew Sheppard & Rebecca O'Brien - Trinity College Dublin - €200

Due to the overwhelming quality of entrants we had, we decided to award a joint second place to Andrew and Rebecca for their pieces on the "Modulating Immunometabolism" & "The Complement System and Cancer Radioresistance"

You can read both pieces here:

Andrew Sheppard

Rebecca O'Brien

22nd Oct 2019 Seán Mac Fhearraigh

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