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About Us

About ELISA Genie

ELISA Genie is a provider of high quality ELISA Kits in both the precoated & DIY ELISA formats for Sandwich, Competitive and Qualitative kits. Our focus is to provide key ELISA Kits for a range of researchers areas, allowing scientists to discover our future. 

At ELISA Genie we have developed over 18,000 ELISA Kits for over 20 species, covering Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Porcine targets. With key focus on immunology, metabolism, neuroscience, cardiology, veterinary & cancer research targets. 

ELISA Genie Kits

As we know the demands of being a researcher, we have developed a range of easy-to-use, fast and high quality ELISA Kits. Focusing on high quality ELISA assays with easy to use protocols, we develop our kits with researchers in mind.

Reagent Genie

Reagent Genie Ltd is a life sciences company with offices in London and Dublin.

The company’s founders Colm Ryan PhD and Seán Mac Fhearraigh PhD have drawn on 20+ years combined experience to better understand demands of customers across the globe for life science reagents products. They have developed a range of over 7,000 reagent products across the company’s proprietary Assay Genie, Antibody Genie and ELISA Genie platforms. The company is privately held and distributes its products globally.