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Welcome to ELISA Genie

ELISA Genie is a leading provider of over 17,000 high quality, validated ELISA kits for life scientists around the globe!

Guide to calculating ELISA Data

At ELISA Genie we've put together a set of resources together to make running an ELISA assay easier. Getting the best data is crucial, so we put a "how to" guide to get you there!

Looking for some Antibodies?

Antibody Genie provides over 16,000 high quality antibodies for a range of research topics including immunology, metabolism and neuroscience, find out more below!

GeniePlex - MultiPlex ELISA Assays!

Custom and premixed multiplexed bead-based immunoassay panels for use on standard flow cytometers!

PharmaGenie ELISA Kits

High quality ELISA Kits designed to meet the needs of pharma and biotech research!

Top ELISA Kits

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At ELISA Genie we have over 17,000 ELISA Kits for 20+ Species. Our goal is provide Key ELISA Kit targets to help researchers discover our future!


At ELISA Genie we love letting PhDs & Post-Docs tell stories about their time in the lab. Check out our range of blog posts for tips and advice!

Tips for ELISA troubleshooting

101 Tips for troubleshooting your ELISA Kits covering range, background and more!


Free Ebook - How to complete a successful PhD

Before we set up ELISA Genie, we were PhDs & Post-Docs trying to find our way our the lab. Therefore we put together this guide on getting the most out of your PhD!

Bovine ELISA Kits


Choose from over 1250 Bovine ELISA kits

Porcine ELISA Kits


Choose from over 800+ Porcine ELISA Kits